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20+ years image editing experience using Adobe Photoshop...

Composite (blended) image with ghosting
Cut-out image with chrome lettering effects created in Photoshop

Background image combined with overlaid cut-out
Composite image

Cut-out image in a magazine page
Branded wood effect created using Photoshop

I've been using Adobe Photoshop (considered to be the industry-standard, professional digital image editing software) since it was first launched for the Windows operating system in 1994. I have always considered composite images to be my 'signature' pieces with examples of my work appearing on book covers, in online media and in print – three of the images featured on this page comprise 7 photos or illustrations combined into a single (composite) image.

In addition to using Photoshop as a professional practitioner I also taught digital imaging to graduate level for 12 years. This page illustrates just a few examples of my image editing work: from simple cut-outs to images created by combining two or more originals, advanced image blends and ghosting.

Digital imaging techniques using Adobe Photoshop:


David Siddall Multimedia is a deliberately small freelance business which I've allowed to develop organically over 20 years. My aim is to understand my clients' aspirations, to deliver on time and to a high standard and to always calculate prices on an individual basis. If geographical location is important to you, I'm based in Dartmouth in South Devon in the UK. If you've got a project you'd like to discuss please do get in touch, I'd be very pleased to help.