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Published Autumn 2020

Dogs on a Rescue (front cover)ESA & getting paid for service user involvement – EasyRead edition
: Judy Scott

A guide to Permitted Work for those who are offered payment by an organisation from which they receive support whilst receiving Employment Support Allowance (ESA). The EasyRead format is designed to help people with learning and reading challenges. 40-page, A4, full-colour paperback. Illustrated by Sarah Gregson.

Published Summer 2020

Dogs on a Rescue (front cover)Dogs on a Rescue
Michelle Newman

A delightful animal adventure story for children featuring a cast of resourceful dogs and cats who live together in a rescue centre. Dog trainer and rescuer Michelle Newman's funny and eminently readable first novella tells of their attempts to free an imprisoned friend which don't always go to plan. Available as a 90-page, 5" x 8" paperback and also as a Kindle eBook.

Published Summer 2020

The Prisoner and the Crow (front cover)The Prisoner and the Crow
Nick Reynolds

A strikingly illustrated fable about a man who believes himself to be a prisoner when he is visited by a crow. A story of how gifts of awakening and offers of friendship can come from the most unlikely and unexpected places. Available as a 44-page paperback, also as a Kindle eBook.

Published Summer 2020

My Camera, My Life (front cover)My Camera, My Life
Mohinder Dhillon

The life-story of news photographer and cameraman, Mohinder Dhillon, whose work primarily covered the end of European colonial rule in Africa and the Cold War conflicts of that continent and beyond. With a foreword by former international reporter, now Channel 4 News anchor, Jon Snow. Available as a 556-page, 6x9 paperback with numerous photos, also as a Kindle eBook.

Published Summer 2020

Walking London's History (front cover)Walking London's History: 2000 years in 15 walks
Tim Potter

2,000 years of London’s history from the Romans to the Shard in 15 walks, each exploring a particular period in London’s tumultuous history including: Roman London, Medieval London, the Great Fire of 1666, the 19th century East End and Victorian London. Available as a handy-sized paperback guidebook with maps and photos, also as a Kindle eBook.

Published Spring 2020

Climate Smart Agriculture (front cover)Climate Smart Agriculture
Kiros Meles Hadgu, et al

Subtitled 'Enhancing Resilient Agricultural Systems, Landscapes, and Livelihoods in Ethiopia and Beyond', this World Agroforestry publication presents evidence-based research alongside options for sustainable farming, food security and climate change mitigation in sub-Saharan Africa. Presented as a richly-illustrated, full-colour, 280-page, A4-size paperback.

Published Spring 2020

What's the worst that could happen? (front cover)You Lucky People
Valère Tjolle

An intriguing and engaging autobiography which also tells the story of the of the travel and tourism industry. Where did it start and how did it get to where it is now? Where is it going next and could it cause irreparable damage to the world as we know it? Written by one of the industry's most colourful characters with sixty years in the business at all levels.

Published Spring 2020

What's the worst that could happen? (front cover)What's the worst that could happen?
David Simmons

In this, his 6th, carefully researched and eminently readable book the author explores the issues, and proposes solutions to, the politicisation of economic policy which, he believes, exerts such an influence on domestic politics that the consequences can only be increasing inequality.

Published Winter 2019/20

Keeping Dry & Staying Warm (front cover)Keeping Dry & Staying Warm
Mike Parson, Mary Rose, et al

A thoroughly researched and highly detailed guide to keeping dry and staying warm whilst participating in outdoor activities. Includes jargon-busting details of garment types, materials and manufacturing techniques. Written by experienced enthusiasts for enthusiasts. 154-page 6x9" paperback, full-colour throughout. Also available as a Kindle eBook.

Published Winter 2019/20

Nita Spilhaus (1878-1967) and her artist friends in the Cape during the early twentieth century (front cover)Nita Spilhaus (1878–1967) and her artist friends in the Cape during the early twentieth century
Peter Elliott

A richly illustrated insight into the life and art of Nita Spilhaus and contemporary artists working in South Africa in the style known as 'Cape Impressionism'. 212-page 8x10" paperback, full-colour throughout. Also available as a Kindle eBook.

Published Winter 2019/20

The Spilhaus family: five hundred years of history (1450–1950) (front cover)The Spilhaus family: five hundred years of history (1450–1950)
Peter Elliott

A thoroughly researched and illustrated update, covering 16 generations, which adds context to Arnold Wilhelm Spilhaus' 1930s work on the genealogy of the prominent German/South African Spilhaus family – reputedly the most fully authenticated record of any South African family.

Published Autumn 2019

Agroforestry Systems for Ecological Restoration (front cover)Agroforestry Systems for Ecological Restoration: How to reconcile conservation and production
Andrew Miccolis, et al

An international collaboration by World Agroforestry (ICRAF, Kenya) and the Instituto Sociedade População e Natureza (Brazil), published to coincide with the UN 2019 Climate Change Conference. 240-pages 7"x10", full-colour.

Published Autumn 2019

Entrepreneurial Sales (front cover)Entrepreneurial Sales
Paul Durrant FISM

The practical guide to being a more entrepreneurial, sales-savvy small business owner – whether at the concept stage, the start-up stage or looking to upscale an established business.

Published Autumn 2019

Flogging The FieldFlogging The Field: Where country life meets low life!
Philip Moss

"A truly hilarious first novel... in the Tom Sharpe tradition... unmissable!"

Revised edition: Now available as a paperback and eBook!

Published Autumn 2019

Finding a Balance connectionFinding a balanced connection
John-Paul Davies

Build well-being from within, take back your life and permanently change it for the better.

Revised edition: Now featuring illustrations! (Also available as an audio book).

Published Autumn 2019

The Wicken MenThe Wicken Men
Neil Gordon-Lee

A meticulously researched and richly illustrated tribute to the men of Wicken, Northamptonshire, who gave their lives in the two World Wars; 1914–18 and 1939–45.

Published Autumn 2019

A Shocking Pair (cover image)A Shocking Pair
E S Bourke

A glorious first novel, set in the 1950s – 60s, which moves swiftly between London and the country, Antigua, Mallorca and Virginia (USA). "Well-written [and] often eye-wateringly funny."

Published Summer 2019

The Secrets of Hopt the Honeybee (cover image)The Secrets of Hope the Honey Bee – Colouring Book
Dr Gerry Brierley

A new edition of this acclaimed children's picture book in which all 30 illustrations are published as black and white line drawings to colour in.

Published Summer 2019

Bereaved, Bothererd & bewildered (cover image)Bereaved, Bothered and Bewildered: One long crawl out of the grief swamp
Sally Warrington

A personal and gently humorous account of how life carried on for the author, as a widow, after losing her beloved husband of thirty years.

Published Summer 2019

Parkinsons Disease: An in-depth metabolic guide (cover image)Parkinson's Disease: An In-depth Metabolic Guide
Ray Griffiths MSc

An accessible insight into the quantum leap forward in our understanding of the mechanisms which drive Parkinson's disease.

Published Summer 2019

Marketing Medicine: A Shot in the Arm for Business in Africa (cover image)Marketing Medicine: A Shot in the Arm for Business in Africa
Chris Harrison

An anthology of the author's weekly columns in Africa's newspapers featuring his most important insights into the practice of modern marketing.

Published Spring 2019

Combatants: A memoir of the Bush War and the Press in Uganda (cover image)Combatants: A memoir of the Bush War and the Press in Uganda
William Pike

A personal and sometimes harrowing insight into the civil war in Uganda during the early-to-mid' 1980s. 304 pages with photos.

Published Spring 2019

Galloping Catastrophe: Musing on the menopauseGalloping Catastrophe
Jennifer Kennedy

Side-splittingly funny and deeply insightful musings on the menopause, with illustrations by Daniel McCloskey.

Published Spring 2019

The Secret of Hope the Honey BeeThe Secrets of Hope the Honey Bee
Dr Gerry Brierley

An educational and, uplifting children's book about the life cycle of the honey bee. 30 full-page colour illustrations

Published Autumn 2018

Constance: One road to takeConstance: One Road to Take by
Peter Elliott

The life and photography of Constance Stuart Larrabee (1914–2000).

Published Autumn 2018

Simon Burnett

How ANZ and ING squandered 800 million dollars and ignited a revolt of small-time investors.

Published Summer 2018

Century of SilenceA Century of Silence
JJ Fitzpatrick

A boy soldier's war on the Western Front during the First World War.

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