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Printed book design & typesetting

I've been designing books and book covers for many years now, from novels to children's books, technical manuals to research treatises, self-help and personal development books to academic and educational textbooks. Whilst initially this work was for publishing houses, I now offer a complete design, typesetting and publication service direct to established and first-time authors whose aim is to self-publish their work.

For print-on-demand paperback editions most of my authors choose Amazon's market-leading Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)® service (formerly Create Space). For print-on-demand hardback editions I recommend Ingram Spark®.

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eBook design and formatting

Whilst Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing ® offers previously unheard off opportunities to aspiring authors, and likewise claims to simplify the entire eBook self-publishing process, creating an eBook to a standard which can compete with a professionally designed and published product often requires creative and IT skills which exceed those of the average computer user. A clear understanding of the technical requirements and processes involved and of the KDP platform itself is also a big advantage.

Whether you want help formatting your manuscript for eBook publication, professional eBook cover image design or support with the KDP platform itself please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Most recently published

Parkinsons Disease: An in-depth metabolic guideThe Secrets of Hope the Honey Bee – Colouring Book
by Dr Gerry Brierley

A new edition of Dr Gerry Brierley's acclaimed children's picture book in which all 30 characterful illustrations are published as black and white line drawings to colour in; featuring the same appealingly presented and educational information about the role each honey bee plays within the beehive, their behaviour and relationships, as the full-colour paperback and Kindle eBook editions published earlier this year.

Published Summer 2019

Parkinsons Disease: An in-depth metabolic guideBereaved, Bothered and Bewildered: One long crawl out of the grief swamp
by Sally Warrington

A personal and gently humorous account of how life carried onfor the author, as a widow, after losing her beloved husband of thirty years.

Published Summer 2019

Parkinsons Disease: An in-depth metabolic guideParkinson's Disease: An In-depth Metabolic Guide
by Ray Griffiths MSc

An accessible insight into the quantum leap forward in our understanding of the mechanisms which drive Parkinson's disease.

Published Summer 2019

Marketing Medicine: A Shot in the Arm for Business in AfricaMarketing Medicine: A Shot in the Arm for Business in Africa
by Chris Harrison

An anthology of the author's weekly columns in Africa's newspapers featuring his most important insights into the practice of modern marketing.

Published Spring 2019

Combatants: A memoir of the Bush War and the Press in UgandaCombatants: A memoir of the Bush War and the Press in Uganda
by William Pike

A personal and sometimes harrowing insight into the civil war in Uganda during the early-to-mid' 1980s. 304 pages with photos.

Published Spring 2019

Galloping Catastrophe: Musing on the menopauseGalloping Catastrophe
by Jennifer Kennedy

Side-splittingly funny and deeply insightful musings on the menopause, with illustrations by Daniel McCloskey.

Published Spring 2019

The Secret of Hope the Honey BeeThe Secrets of Hope the Honey Bee
by Dr Gerry Brierley

An educational and, uplifting children's book about the life cycle of the honey bee. 30 full-page colour illustrations

Published Spring 2019

Finding a Balance connectionFinding a balanced connection
by John-Paul Davies

Build well-being from within, take back your life and permanently change it for the better.

Published Autumn 2018

Constance: One road to takeConstance: One Road to Take by Peter Elliott

The life and photography of Constance Stuart Larrabee (1914–2000).

Published Autumn 2018

by Simon Burnett

How ANZ and ING squandered 800 million dollars and ignited a revolt of small-time investors.

Published Summer 2018

Century of SilenceA Century of Silence
by JJ Fitzpatrick

A boy soldier's war on the Western Front during the First World War.

Published Spring 2018

Flogging The FieldFlogging The Field: Where country life meets low life!
by Philip Moss

"A truly hilarious first novel... in the Tom Sharpe tradition... unmissable!"



David Siddall Multimedia is a deliberately small freelance business which I've allowed to develop organically over 20 years. My aim is to understand my clients' aspirations, to deliver on time and to a high standard and to always calculate prices on an individual basis. If geographical location is important to you, I'm based in Monmouth at the head of the Wye Valley in south-east Wales. If you've got a project you'd like to discuss please get in touch, I'd be very pleased to help.