David Siddall: Experienced, UK-based designer & typesetter of print and ebooks – self-publishing a speciality

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20+ year's experience in website design & online media development...

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Volunteering for Wellbeing - web page
Weddings at Drybridge House - web page
SeaSure – web page
Community Connections web page


I have always believed that websites should be fast, easy to use and offer unrestricted access across all available web browsers, operating systems and devices – especially now that something like 50% of website access is via hand-held devices (smart-phones and tablets).

All the websites I've designed and built in recent years have therefore been fully responsive (mobile-friendly) and featured the latest thinking in terms of web architecture.

Search engine optimised

All the websites I've created have been built with Google's baseline recommendations for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind. It's worth noting that Google now considers 'mobile-friendly' websites to be worthy of a higher ranking in search results than that those built using the first-generation style of inflexible web architecture.


A key aspect of website design and development which should never be overlooked is the responsibility placed on web designers and website owners, under the UK's Equality Act of 2010, to ensure that online media does not discriminate against those with disabilities – particularly visual disabilities.

Update: November 2019
As I become more and more involved in book design and production, working primarily with independent authors who are looking to self-publish, I have decided to reduce the amount of online media work I undertake and I will be ceasing to offer new websites from January 1st 2020. After that date my online media work will be limited to maintenance and update services for a limited number of existing clients whose requirements are not exclusively web-related.

With grateful thanks to all of those who've comissioned web sites from me over the past 20 years.



David Siddall Multimedia is a deliberately small freelance business which I've allowed to develop organically over 20 years. My aim is to understand my clients' aspirations, to deliver on time and to a high standard and to always calculate prices on an individual basis. If geographical location is important to you, I'm based in Dartmouth in South Devon in the UK. If you've got a project you'd like to discuss please do get in touch, I'd be very pleased to help.